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It’s Been A While…

The last time I posted was back in May… two whole months ago. You may have been wondering what I’ve been doing (or not, which is cool). Well, the reason I haven’t had time to post to the blog is that I was busy creating several new crochet patterns for Cascade Yarns – six new patterns, to be exact. In fact, the first pattern of the six has been published already. It is the Blue Skies Baby Blanket in Anthem by Cascade Yarns. It is a great baby blanket with texture created using post stitches. The name of the blanket was inspired by the name of the yarn. With a yarn called “Anthem,” what can you do but reference a song in your pattern name 🙂

© Cascade Yarns 2016

© Cascade Yarns 2016

The blanket is shown as a single color project, but it can easily be adapted for stripes or a multi-color rainbow look. It is all up to you!

As other new patterns are released from Cascade, I’ll talk about them here. Thanks again to Cascade Yarns, for providing free pattern downloads to crocheters!

What have you been busy stitching? Let me know in the comments below.


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Friday the 13th – Quick Post

Marly Bird stated earlier today on Twitter that this is the only Friday the 13th for 2016, so something special should be done to celebrate.

I’m going to do that by giving you all access to a free hat pattern. It is the Cassi Hat, named after a good friend who challenged me to change a scarf stitch pattern into a hat design. Enjoy!

Cassi’s Hat

(a CROCHET pattern in U.S. Terms)

 Materials:            H / 5.00mm hook

Approximately 200 yds worsted weight yarn (Weight Category 4)

Two stitch markers

Tapestry needle

Size:                         Approximately 22” cir; 8” length

Gauge Measurement:             16 stitches = 4”

                                                   Crown diameter should be between six to seven inches for adults


Special Stitch: Textured Stitch: Alternating SC / DC


Foundation:     Ch 6; sl st in first ch to close ring


Round 1:          Ch 2; 15 dc into ring.  Sl st in first dc to end round (15)


Round 2:          Ch 2; 2 dc in same stitch as sl st and in each stitch around.  Sl st in top of first dc to end round. (30)


Round 3:          Ch 2; dc in same stitch as sl st, 2 dc in next stitch, *dc in next stitch, 2 dc in next stitch; repeat from * around, ending with 2 dc.  Sl st in first dc to end round. (45)


Round 4:          Ch 2; dc in same stitch as sl st and in nest stitch, 2 dc in next stitch, *dc in next 2 stitches, 2 dc in next stitch; repeat from * around, ending with 2 dc.  Sl st in first dc to end round. (60)


Round 5:          Ch 2; dc in same stitch as sl st and in next two stitches, 2 dc in next stitch, *dc in next 3 stitches, 2 dc in next stitch; repeat from * around, ending with 2 dc.  Sl st in first dc to end round. (75)


Round 6:          Ch 2; dc in same stitch as sl st and in each stitch around.  Sc in first dc to end round. (75)

Place Stitch Marker in this joining sc; DO NOT REMOVE MARKER


TURN HAT SO RS FACES IN – This will help keep the texture to the outside of the hat.


NOTE: Use a second marker to keep track of round repeats.


Round 7:          Dc in next stitch; *sc in next stitch, dc in next stitch; repeat from * around until desired hat length is reached, ending with a sc.  Sl st into sc at start of row. Fasten off and weave in ends.



Many thanks to Yvonne Tate, who taught me my favorite method for stitching the crown.


Copyright February 2013 © Laura Krzak.  All Rights Reserved.  Duplication of this pattern is a crime and will be punished by law.  Please observe all copyright laws.  Please contact the author for permission to use elsewhere.



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All Aboard!

© Crochetville 2016

© Crochetville 2016

Just 12 more days until National Crochet Month 2016 starts! Crochetville has really expanded the celebration for March, for not only are they highlighting 3 crochet designers a day, but also highlighting crochet friendly yarn companies and yarn stores as well! Just think of the amazing crochet resource you will have once the month is complete!

This blog will be highlighted on March 13th, and I have some nice things planned for you all – a new pattern release plus two (!) yarn and pattern giveaways! Stay tuned for my stop on the tour!

I hope you check out the Crochetville Blog Tour page on a daily basis. There are new designers to meet, as well as old favorites, and I’m sure you will find several somethings to love during the month.

See you here on the 13th!

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Holy Cow, y’all!

Just checked my blog site and found that you gave my swatch post lots of love over the weekend! And I mean lots of love – 481 views!

THANK YOU! to everyone who checked out my site this weekend. I hope you continue to find reasons to come back and check it out.

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Live and Learn

Okay, so the WIP CAL/KAL hasn’t been as popular as I hoped it would be. Only had two people participate in April, and none for May. So as of today, I’m ending it.

Thanks to the few who did play along – I appreciate it more than you know. Maybe I’ll try this again sometime in the future, once I’m a little more well known 🙂

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Winners Announcement

I have TWO lovely winners to announce today. The first winner is from my NatCroMo blog tour contest.  My original pick never responded to my email that she won, so a second pick was chosen using Random.org and their random number generator.

I’m very happy to announce that the winner of three skeins of yarn was Crystal W.! Congrats, Crystal, and I hope you enjoy your yarn!


My second winner is from month one of my three month CAL/KAL, and the winner receives a hard copy book of Molly Makes Crochet, published by Interweave Press.

I am very happy to state the winner for April is Amanda J.! Congrats, Amanda, and I hope you will enjoy the book!




Under Construction

logo 3This year, I have lots of goals. A few of them have already been accomplished, like submitting to be included in a book and publishing my first independent design. Another goal is to have an official web site – a one-stop site that connects my Ravelry shop and my blog and whatever else I think needs connecting. I am working on that goal and I hope to have it all up and running very soon! Think of this post as a little teaser of what is to come.

Have a great day, all!

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Crochet Love on Twitter Pt 1

This morning, I decided to go through my list of who I follow on Twitter to share the crochet love. My hopes were that lots of the names would be familiar to you, but maybe you’d find one or two (or ten) new people to follow, and that would be a great way to help celebrate International Crochet Month.

Well, I started writing down names, and kept writing down names, and started a second column on the page, and at the end I had 59 Twitter names to share. That’s quite a lot of names for one post, and frankly, that would be pretty boring to read. So, I’ve decided to break things down into a couple different categories and spread it out over a handful of posts. Hopefully, you will join me for the whole journey, and maybe I’ll introduce you to a new favorite or two.


Since tonight is one of those “Final Rose” nights, I thought it would be great for the first category to be The Men of Crochet! In no particular order (except for history of how I started following them), here they are!

@thecrochetdude is the Twitter handle for none other than Drew Emborsky. Not only does Drew design crochet patterns, but he works with Boye to produce a line of crochet tools and he has his own yarn line.

@StitchStud is the moniker for Charles Voth. Charles designs patterns for both crochet and knit, and he really knows what he is doing because he is a technical editor of patterns as well. Want to learn how to read crochet charts? Let Charles teach you in his Craftsy class.

@FranklinHabit is none other than Franklin Habit. Franklin is known for his knitting, so what is he doing on a crochet list? What you may not know is that he has a wicked sense of humor and a love for 18th and 19th Century handknit and crocheted items. If you ever get the chance to hear him lecture – do it! Besides his blog The Panopticon, Franklin also monthly column for Lion Brand Yarns.

@strongandstone is the Twitter I.D for Rohn Strong. This southern gentleman has a passion for creating crochet items that combine a vintage style with a 21st Century flare. He also produces amazing crochet patterns that really flatter fuller figures.


My next category is going to be Crochet Friendly Yarn Companies, because we cannot do this craft we love without that essential fiber!

@LionBrandYarns puts their money where their mouth is when they say they support crochet. Vanna White, their yarn spokesperson for for over 15 years, is big into crochet. Lion Brand is also a big supporter of the Crochet Guild of America. For the month of March, Lion Brand is posting a link every day so you can learn a new crochet stitch pattern.

@KollageYarns carries yarns with great fiber blends. Not only will you find yarns with cotton and bamboo, but recycled denim, milk, and soy as well. If you are allergic to wool fibers, Kollage gives you some great alternatives to use. Kollage is also the creator of the square handled crochet hook. I have several of the original hooks and I love them. They recently came out with hook version 2.0, and I see a new hook collection in my future.

@RedHeartYarns is another major yarn company that supports crochet. They are also very active in supporting the Crochet Guild of America – in fact, they are sponsoring the DAILY prizes that are being given out for the Crochetville Blog Tour. They are also a sponsor for the Crochet Awards.

@websyarn is a big supporter of the art of crochet. Not only are they currently hosting an afghan CAL, but they often feature fantastic crochet designs created with their Valley Yarns line. They blog about crochet. Kathy Elkins talks about crochet on their weekly podcast. They even have Doris Chan as their 2015 Crochet Designer in Residence. Lots of crochet love here!

@TSCYarns is the handle for Tahki Yarns. With four yarn brands and several pages of crochet patterns available on their website, Tahki Yarns has supported crochet and crochet designers to bring stylish and fashion forward clothing and accessories to the public.

@CascadeYarns has stepped up their crochet support over the past several years. Not only have they invested in patterns from big name designers, but they also gave brand new designers (like myself) a chance to create patterns for a major yarn company, and the result has been a true gift for crocheters. Patterns range from beginner to advanced, and Cascade offers them all for free on their website. Cascade has made being a crocheter a win-win.


Okay – I think I’ve given you enough to think about today.  I hope you check out the different links and you find something you will enjoy.

Stay tuned for Part Two!


P.S. Is there a favorite male crochet designer or crochet friendly yarn company that I haven’t mentioned? Post a comment and share some crochet love yourself!


ETA: If you are looking for more information about the people listed above, please click on the link and it will take you to their Twitter page, where a link to individual websites are provided.

Disclaimer – while I follow all of the people and companies I have listed, and many of them follow me back on Twitter, none of them knew I was doing this in advance, and I am not being paid to promote them in any way. I just wanted to share some Crochet love with lots of my favorite people, and it seemed appropriate to do so during International Crochet Month.





International Crochet Month 2015

In just a few days, March begins, which means International Crochet Month will be upon us.

One of the groups that does a fantastic job of celebrating crochet during the month of March is Party for Ravelry’s International Crochet Month. They have games, CALs, and prizes – I highly recommend checking them out.

Another group that does something for ITCROMO is Crochetville. They will be doing a Crochet Designer Blog Tour, highlighting one or two designers a day and linking to their blogs. Crochetville will be giving away prizes during the month, and many of the designers themselves will have giveaways as well – free patterns, yarn, or a contest on the blog to win something special. I highly recommend checking Crochetville out Every Day!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be part of the blog tour for the very first time. My blog will be highlighted on March 13th, and I share the date with Betty Hechtman, who writes fun crochet mystery books.

My goal during Crochet March is to try and post about crochet twice a week. I’ll have something special for blog readers on March 13th, and possibly something else, so please check it out during the months of March.

How will you be celebrating International Crochet Month 2015? Please share your thoughts and what you are working on in the comments below!

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Re-reading old favorites…

I’ve always considered myself a reader. I can remember, at a young age, grabbing a book to read at lunch because that is what my mom was doing. Around 6th grade, I discovered The Hobbit and a love for fantasy novels was born.

When I was in college, a friend introduced me to the world of Valdemar, Heralds, and Mercedes Lackey. I would eagerly gobble up each book as it came out, then lament how long it would take until the next one came out.  Reading the books in chronological order became a pastime as well.

Somewhere in my early 30’s, I stopped following Lackey’s series.  I was on to other series, like Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Harry Potter, the Stephanie Plum mysteries by Janet Evanovich, and the Pink Carnation books by Lauren Willig. Novels about various Jane Austen characters took up lots of my reading time.

Then I discovered how much fun it was to play with yarn.  The more time I spent crocheting meant I had less and less time for books. I hadn’t really noticed one replaced the other, mostly because I discovered Audible.com and I was listening to books as I did various things.

The only time I was really spending reading was when I went out to eat by myself.  And it turns out, that just wasn’t enough reading time in the long run.

Back in October of 2014, I decided to start reading again. Well, to be honest, it started with Audible. I was browsing fantasy titles and there it was – Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey.  It was the book that meant so much to me 20+ years ago, so I decided to see if it still held my interest when I was in my mid-40’s. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did. I had long ago given the various books away, so I did what any 21st Century reader would do – I bought the other two books from the series for my Nook. Soon, those books were done, and it was on to the Magic series about Vanyel, followed by the Winds series about Elspeth. Once again I was caught up in the world of Valdemar, and it felt good to spend time reading once more.

My sister had given me a $40 gift card to Barnes & Noble for Christmas, and I quite happily used it all up, buying 5 more books in the overall Valdemar series for my Nook.

I’ve rediscovered the simple pleasure that reading can bring. How you can connect with characters to celebrate their joys and weep for their sorrows. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until I started reading heavily once again.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I look forward to seeing your comments about book series that touched your life as well.

As for me, I’m going to get back to chapter eight of my current book…

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