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Monthly WIP Update – 2016 Edition

Last year I blogged about multiple works in progress as a way to hold myself accountable to get some things finished. However, I didn’t do a good job on that accountability and so projects didn’t get finished.

However, 2016 is a new year, and rather than dwell on what I didn’t get done, I’m going to approach this as a fresh start/new beginning. So last weekend, I reorganized my yarn closet. Yes, I said yarn closet. After organizing, I realized I really shouldn’t buy any more yarn until I use some of the wonderful stash I already own. With that in mind, it was time to look at stitching time.

Like many of you, I have a full-time job, so my creative time is limited to evenings and weekends. That precious time is further divided by designing tasks like creating new pattern proposals complete with blocked swatches, writing new patterns, and crocheting the new designs, as well as finding time for crocheting projects for donations or gifts. As a new designer, I also need to increase my presence as a designer, which means time spent creating and sharing blog posts like this one. I’m not spelling all this out in order to complain – far from it! I feel very blessed to have designed so many wonderful patterns for Cascade Yarns over the past several years, and I look forward to the new patterns that will be created and released over the coming year.

Since I’ve started designing patterns, my WIP pile has grown, and that is on me. One of my stitching goals for the year is to finish some of those items, and I’m going to use the blog to help keep me accountable. I am also going to use my weekly group stitch time as WIP time, so those projects get some dedicated stitching time.

With all that in mind, let’s introduce WIP #1 for 2016 – a blanket for my cousin Ruth.

© Laura Krzak

© Laura Krzak

Using Wash (worsted weight) by Willow Yarns, I am making my own pattern – Spirit Wave Stadium Blanket – in the colors she chose. The blanket is a (belated) wedding gift for her and her new husband. As they have kids, I wanted a yarn that was easy care, which is why I picked this anti-pilling acrylic yarn from Willow Yarns.

© Laura Krzak

© Laura Krzak

Currently, I am half-done with the blanket. If I continue to use the 2-3 hours that I weekly get together with yarn friends, I hope to have the blanket finished by Spring. It may be too late for this year’s football season, but I’m sure it will be welcome just the same.


What works in progress are you trying to get done? Share your progress with me and we can cheer each other on to completion.




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