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On Friday, March 13th, I was one of the designers featured on the Crochetville 2015 Blog Post Tour. (If you are interested, you can read it here.)

There were lots of questions to answer on the interview form, but due to space, not all of the items made it into the final post. I was really proud of one of my answers that didn’t make the cut, so I wanted to share it here.

The question is “Do you have any advise for brand-new crocheters?”

My answer: Don’t be afraid to pay to take a class or to buy a pattern. Yes, there are lots and lots of free resources available out there, but if you only limit yourself to what is free, you’ll never get the whole picture of what crochet can do or become.

YouTube videos are a great resource, but they can’t answer questions on how to adjust holding yarn to fix your personal tension, or why the chain I made ended up having that bumpy thing on both sides instead of just one side like the video shows. Taking a class with a flesh-and-blood teacher can help you answer those questions and guide you towards becoming a better crocheter.

Free vs. Paid patterns is its own debate subject, and I’ll leave that crazy discussion for another post. I will add that I’ve paid for patterns in the past, and will continue to pay for them in the future.

Before I finish this up, I just want to remind you about the poll question on the March 16th post regarding a WIP CAL. I have had a couple people ask if they could do knit projects as well and my response is “Of Course!” We all like to play with yarn, so I have no problem with both crafts being included. Please vote on the poll and add your voice to the mix!





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