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Crochet Love on Twitter Pt 2

on March 11, 2015

Back for more? Let’s jump right in with Designers Who Go Above and Beyond!

For me, @KristinOmdahl has to top this list. Not only is she the author of five crochet books, but she helped design a new delicate wash scent for Eucalan, which is her night-jasmine scented Wrapture, she started her own yarn line which includes Be So Fine and Be So Sporty, she sends out weekly newsletters full of stitching information and amazing recipes, and her latest project is working with Erin.Lane.Bags to create new, colorful fabrics based on Kristin’s original drawings. All that plus she is an amazing single mom, too!

@Vashtirama is next, and that could only be Vashti Braha. I discovered Vashti in 2011, and what puts her on this list are her email newsletters. What makes her newsletters different is how she’ll explore a subject, like foundation stitches (May 13, 2011), and through pictures and text she’ll share her research into the craft of crochet. Titled “Vashti’s Crochet Inspirations,” each newsletter is worth saving for the wealth of information contained within.  She also came out with her own yarn line designed especially for crocheters because it has a Z-twist; current yarns are Lotus and Treat.

If you look in the dictionary under indefatigable, you might see a picture of @Marly_Bird. Besides designing for both knit and crochet, she hosts the Yarn Thing podcast twice a week, she has a monthly newsletter, she had one of the very first crochet classes available on Craftsy, she now has her own YouTube channel, AND she is the Creative Director at Bijou Basin Ranch yarns. Whew! All that on top of being an active mom and wife. Marly and her infectious laugh has energy for days!

If you walk into a bookstore or craft store, you’ll probably see Crochet! magazine available on the newsstand. The newest editor of Crochet! is Ellen Gormley, otherwise known as @GoCrochet. Besides editing a national magazine, Ellen is an active blogger, she has several published crochet books, and she has four online classes you can take through the Annie’s website. Ellen is also one of the crochet experts on the program Knit and Crochet Now, broadcast on PBS stations nationwide.

These ladies are all amazing inspirations, and it is great to follow them all!

Gonna flip things around a bit and let you know about the Anything Goes group. There’s a little bit of everything represented here, so I hope you check it out.

I’m starting this group out with @HalosofHope, which is a charity near and dear to my heart. Halos collects hand-knit and crocheted hats and distributes them to 400+ cancer centers in the United States. As a National 501c3 organization, they also collect donations to ship those hats from coast to coast. Hats are collected at many different events, like the STITCHES Expos and yarn retreats, or they can be mailed directly to Halos of Hope. Halos of Hope is also one of the charities that the Crochetville Blog Tour is supporting this year.

Are you keeping your projects in gallon plastic bags? Free your yarn from the plastic with bags available from @erinlanebags and @slippedstitchCA. Both small business offer professionally made bags in a variety of sizes AND fabric choices. If either one of these amazing ladies doesn’t have what you are looking for, it just doesn’t exist. And their offerings don’t stop there. They also make great accessories like hook and needle cases and pattern keepers. If you buy one or buy a complete set, you won’t be disappointed.

If someone asks me about amigurumi, the first person I think of is @FreshStitches, otherwise known as Stacey Trock. New mom Stacey has an extremely popular kit club, and even knit designers like @knitlikecrazy (Jen Lucas) are avid fans. While the club is on hiatus while Stacey is on maternity leave, she still keeps her Twitter feed very active with lots of observations about the state of Crochet.

I’m sure you are familiar with websites like Ravelry and Craftsy for their patterns, but are you aware of @Patternfish? With over 19,000 patterns available on their ad-free website, there is a wealth of patterns for you to explore, with many site exclusive patterns available. You will find some familiar names there, like Carol Ventura and Edie Eckman, but you may also find a new favorite designer or two as well.

While I mentioned this magazine earlier, @CrochetMagazine is worth a follow in its own right. The publication is a big supporter of the Crochet Guild of America, and they frequently highlight great crochet topics in their posts.

From across the pond and in a bookstore near you is @InsideCrochet – a UK crochet magazine published monthly! Full of stylish garments and accessories, as well as fun projects for the home, this magazine is worth learning to switch US crochet terms for UK ones.

My final addition to this group is @CrochetBlogger, the Twitter handle for the Crochet Concupiscence website. Both the Twitter account and website focus on crochet as Art and Fashion, and they constantly put together theme posts, highlighting the beauty (and once in a while, strangeness) of crochet.

Okay – that’s all for tonight.  If you are looking for more information about the people listed above, please click on the link and it will take you to their Twitter page, where a link to individual websites are provided.

Disclaimer – while I follow all of the people and companies I have listed, and many of them follow me back on Twitter, none of them knew I was doing this in advance, and I am not being paid to promote them in any way. I just wanted to share some Crochet love with lots of my favorite people, and it seemed appropriate to do so during International Crochet Month.


One response to “Crochet Love on Twitter Pt 2

  1. Kate says:

    Almost 20,000 patterns!! I might find something I like 😉

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